Airsoft Weapon Builds


Masada ACR EsCsé hungary
(Magpul PTS) FPS: 397 RPS: 22
Gearbox: Stock (8mm Bearings)
Bushing Brand: Stock
Spring: Laylax (Prometheus) Non-Linear MS100
Gears: Stock 18:1 w delayer
Motor: AIP High Torque HT-40000S
Cylinder: Prometheus Hard (C type)
Cylinder Head: King Arms (KA-04-12)
Piston: Azimuth Hard PC w 14 steel teeth
Piston Head: Prometheus POM NEO with bearing
Nozzle: WII TECH CNC with "O" ring
Tappet Plate: Stock
Spring Guide: Shooter SG-02 with bearing
ARL: Stock
Mods: - AOE & Sorbo pad

Barrel & Hopup
Barrel: Stock (re-polished)
Length: 380
Diameter: 6.03
Hopup: WII TECH CNC aluminium Hop-up Chamber and Air-tight Nozzle
Bucking: Systema Energy
Nub: WII-TECH CNC Hop-up Adjustor Kit & CNC H-nub
Mods: (Maximum range:
75meters(246ft) Tested w G&G 0.28
Maximum effective range:85 meters.(278ft)Tested w G&G 0.28 (I think better w heavy BB's)
60 meters
27cm(10.6 inch) grouping (full auto)

-Magpul PTS original size handguard(black)
-CNC Machined Upper Receiver with flat top picatinny type rail
-Dupont Reinforced Polymer made Lower Receiver
-14.5 carbine length barrel
-Rainier Arms Mini XT Compensator,steel made (Isonite QPQ finish)
-Magpul PTS Folding Stock
-Magpul PTS MBUS rear sight
-Spring Loaded Flip-Up Front Sight
-Aimpoint Micro T1 red/green dot sight w LaRue QD mount
-MAGPUL PTS MOE Polymer Rail Section
-Magpul MS3 sling
-Magpul RSA
-Surefire M951 flashlight

Battery: Hot Power 11.1 2200mah 20c LiPo with BOL gold plated T-shape
Battery Location: Handguard
Mosfet: AB-FET

-Custom engraving on the upper.

-Krylon Fusion Ultra-Flat Camo Spray Painting on the upper(Black(4290)
Added June 2nd, 2011 - Updated March 5th, 2013

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