Airsoft Weapon Builds


Overkill TM 1911A1 420 fps Overkill united states
(Tokyo Marui) FPS: 420
Guarder enhanced loading nozzle, Action TM 1911 160% spring kit and a Custom cut M4 length 6.03 Prometheus tight bore barrel
Nineball threaded outer barrel and Classic Army Double screw suppressor

Added March 22nd, 2009 - Updated August 2nd, 2009

Overkill TM P226 480 fps
Overkill TM Mk23 SOCOM 430 fps
Overkill TM MP5 Swordfish
Overkill TM M14 EBR SOCOM
Overkill TM M4 Swordfish
Overkill KSC M93R 450 fps
Overkill WA SV Infinity 6" 415 fps
Overkill TM M14 DMR Scout
Overkill TM P226 Swordfish
Overkill WA V12 Vreakers
Overkill CA G36 w/AG36
Overkill G&G UMP
Overkill TM MP7
Overkill TM M4
Overkill TM Mac 10
Overkill MAGPUL M-4
Overkill TM S-System (aka Pochacco)
Overkill CA M249 Para SAW
Overkill TM AK74 PMC
Overkill CA G36C/K SD
Overkill TM AUG A3
Overkill TM M14 Counter Sniper
Reason-ably Small Patriot SMG
Overkill Hello Kitty AR15
Overkill TM HiCapa 5.1
Overkill TM SR16 SD
Overkill CA M15A4 SPR
Overkill TM Glock 17
Overkill Krebs AK-47
Overkill TM M14 EBR
Overkill CA G3
Overkill KWA M93R
Overkill TM 5.1 IPSC SD
Overkill TM HiCapa 5.1
Overkill TM AK Beta
Overkill TM IPSC Hicapa 5.1
Overkill IPSC TM 1911A1
Overkill TM P226 (Desert)
Overkill Glock 17 *GITS*
Overkill KSC M945
Overkill KWA Glock 26C
Overkill TM Glock 17 #2
Overkill TM M9 (SV)

Horsem4n says... March 22, 2009, 10:32PM
how far does it shoot?

Overkill says... March 22, 2009, 10:50PM
Horsem4n, I have hit opponents as far out as 35 yards (measured with a laser range finder) in 3 shots.

Gerrvano says... April 17, 2010, 2:01PM
how many shots can u get off how much gas do u haev left?

Overkill says... April 17, 2010, 11:06PM
Gerrvano, I can get through the whole magazine. After that, if I reload, I can shoot another 4 to 5 shots before the magazine is totally out of gas.


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