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Overkill TM Mac 10 Overkill united states
(Tokyo Marui) FPS: 320
Laylax folding rear butt-stock adaptor and Laylax barrel shroud

Battery Location:
Added April 8th, 2009 - Updated July 15th, 2009

Overkill TM P226 480 fps
Overkill TM Mk23 SOCOM 430 fps
Overkill TM 1911A1 420 fps
Overkill TM MP5 Swordfish
Overkill TM M14 EBR SOCOM
Overkill TM M4 Swordfish
Overkill KSC M93R 450 fps
Overkill WA SV Infinity 6" 415 fps
Overkill TM M14 DMR Scout
Overkill TM P226 Swordfish
Overkill WA V12 Vreakers
Overkill CA G36 w/AG36
Overkill G&G UMP
Overkill TM MP7
Overkill TM M4
Overkill MAGPUL M-4
Overkill TM S-System (aka Pochacco)
Overkill CA M249 Para SAW
Overkill TM AK74 PMC
Overkill CA G36C/K SD
Overkill TM AUG A3
Overkill TM M14 Counter Sniper
Reason-ably Small Patriot SMG
Overkill Hello Kitty AR15
Overkill TM HiCapa 5.1
Overkill TM SR16 SD
Overkill CA M15A4 SPR
Overkill TM Glock 17
Overkill Krebs AK-47
Overkill TM M14 EBR
Overkill CA G3
Overkill KWA M93R
Overkill TM 5.1 IPSC SD
Overkill TM HiCapa 5.1
Overkill TM AK Beta
Overkill TM IPSC Hicapa 5.1
Overkill IPSC TM 1911A1
Overkill TM P226 (Desert)
Overkill Glock 17 *GITS*
Overkill KSC M945
Overkill KWA Glock 26C
Overkill TM Glock 17 #2
Overkill TM M9 (SV)

Rai Reyes says... April 8, 2009, 8:16AM
i always wanted to have mac10s!

hope to see more from this.

TriChrome says... April 8, 2009, 10:42AM
Is the FPS supposed to be 220?

Overkill says... April 8, 2009, 11:21AM
TriChrome, maybe the ones you have seen. Not mine ;0)

Though the AEP is stock, there are some things done on the inside to ensure GREAT compression.

There is a reason why my call sign is Overkill

REIDSPACER says... February 19, 2011, 1:13AM
Overkill where did you get your know how on upgrading all these different types of guns?I am pretty new to airsoft but a good bit experience with the real ones.Any suggestions where i can get some knowledge about the guts of these things, maybe books or something to that effect? Anything detailed? Thanks, REID R.


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