Airsoft Weapon Builds


G3 Full Custom Wellsinator united states
(VFC) FPS: 450
Crusader hammer,sear,and trigger.ML Crazy Jet 6.04mmx590mm barrel,and ML Autobot 60 bucking,HKPro ambiselector

HBAR made from two,10" HK417 barrel sections,and HK417 muzzle brake used.Section of original outter barrel made into an adapter.Lower from sight frame reamed out to accommodate HBAR.Still a WIP
Midwest Industries G3 Mlok handguard,Midwest Firearms extended scope mount base,HKPro G3 stock adapter,Luth AR Precision rifle stock,Luth monopod,Ergo AR pistol grip,GG&G bipod,Butler Creek skeletonized oversized AR trigger guard,Fleming Firearms AR style G3 lower,and HK night sight front leaf

Added August 6th, 2019

G3 Tactical
G3 Swordfish
Troy M14 MCS
Rheinmetall MG3KWS


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