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Rheinmetall MG3KWS Wellsinator united states
(AGM) FPS: 450 RPS: 28
Gearbox: Stock (8mm Bushings)
Bushing Brand: Umbrella
Spring: Systema M130
Gears: XYT
Motor: ASD U45K
Cylinder: Stock
Cylinder Head: Retro Arms V2
Piston: SHS blue 15 tooth
Piston Head: Speed Airsoft
Nozzle: WII TM Recoil; Shock M4
Tappet Plate: Stock
Spring Guide: Stock
ARL: Stock
Mods: Cut WII nozzle to MG42 length,Anaerobic gasket maker on CH/cylinder union,corrected AOE

Barrel & Hopup
Barrel: Stock
Length: 450
Diameter: 6.08
Hopup: Stock
Bucking: ML 60
Nub: custom
Mods: cut and recrowned barrel,anaerobic gasket maker applied to barrel for air seal,custom flathop spacer made,stabilized inner barrel with pipe thread tape
RS MG3 muzzle booster,feedtray,top cover,cocking handle,barrel gate,50rd HK assault drum,3D printed KWS stock,and monopod,Vism optics

Battery: Venom 11.1v 35c 1500mah lipo X2
Battery Location: Other
Mosfet: NoGate Warfetne

rails and associated bracketry made by me.Feedtray heavily modified by me,RS HK 50rd assault drum converted to airsoft,parallel battery harnes made by me
Added February 24th, 2018 - Updated February 24th, 2018

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Loliphile says... June 30, 2018, 4:21PM
This is the most insane MG Iíve ever seen, incredible job! If you donít mind me asking, how did you remove and attach the old and new flash hider to the gun itself? Iím making an MG3 myself and Iím trying to not damage the gun in the process. But again, amazing build! GG


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