Airsoft Weapon Builds


MR762 Wellsinator united states
(VFC) FPS: 530
Tierling heavy hammer spring,and buffer spring.VFC NPAS nozzle.Prommy 550mmX6.03 VSR barrel(unbridged),Maple Leaf 60 degree Autobot bucking.

polished the BC runners for efficiency,applied Permatex Anaerobic gasket maker to the bucking barrel union for seal.Still a work in progress as after market support is limited.As more parts become available,I will continue to build her up.
G28 hand guard,RS HK slim fully adjustable stock,RS HK MR762 style pistol grip,G&P Leupold replica scope and bipod,JBU rail covers,Magpul B.A.D. lever,Magpul sling loop,Angel Custom trigger guard and muzzle break,two 417 barrel extensions

Added December 30th, 2016

G3 Tactical
G3 Swordfish
Troy M14 MCS
Rheinmetall MG3KWS
G3 Full Custom


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