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HK416 'DevGru' desesperado germany
(VFC) FPS: ~0
VFC HK416D Gen III 'Stock'

The EMag is made by BETA Project for WA M4 System and DOES NOT feed the BBs in the VFC gun. It's just for the look ;)
- AAC FH w/ M4-2000 Silencer
- KAC Front Sight
- SF M600 Scout Light
- S&S Low Pro FL Mount
- IT An/PEQ15 - LA5
- CQD Front Sling Mount
- Magpul RSA
- EOTech 551 / EXPS Scope
- EOTech 3x Magnifier in FTS Mount
- A.R.M.S. #40L Rear Sight

- Magpul Ladder Rail Cover
- Tangodown MK46 Front Grip
- Tangodown BG16 Battle Grip
- H&K Extended Charging Handle
- Noveske QD Receiver End Plate
- Viking VTAC MK2 Sling
- Magpul CTR Stock

Added July 24th, 2013 - Updated July 24th, 2013

MK18 Mod1
Magpul/LaRue 12" Custom Build

SniperMuffin says... August 24, 2019, 7:59AM
Absolutely beautiful, I will some what copy your build if you don't mind, this is exactly what I'm going for. Thank you


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