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G3 Tactical Wellsinator united states
(Classic Army) FPS: 520 RPS: 20
Gearbox: AIM 8mm high torque reinforced (8mm Bearings)
Bushing Brand: AIM
Spring: PDI 260%
Gears: AIM high torque
Motor: Sytema Magnum
Cylinder: Systema boreup
Cylinder Head: Systema boreup
Piston: AIM full metal tooth strip
Piston Head: Guarder vs.2 boreup with bearing
Nozzle: Guarder G3 boreup
Tappet Plate: Guarder reinforced G3
Spring Guide: AIM stainless with bearing
ARL: Systema reinforced
Mods: Permatex anaerobic gasket maker applied to CH/cylinder union,tappet plate face milled .8mm,air nozzle crowned,

Barrel & Hopup
Barrel: EdGI
Length: 469
Diameter: 6.05
Hopup: CA metal for G3
Bucking: Systema
Nub: Firefly Namazu flathop
Mods: Permatex anaerobic gasket maker on barrel to bucking union,hopup spacer arm shimmed,adjustment dial shimmed
Hensoldt 2x range estimating,illuminating, magnifier,Aimpoint replica,Nitro extended mag release,firepig suppresor,A&K 600m iron sites(cosighted),KA G3 sniper pistol grip

Battery: G&P 1200 mah 11.1v 20c lipo
Battery Location: Buttstock
Mosfet: none

440 fps with .3's,and torso shots at 300ft.All in all this will probably stay a work in progress as airsoft tech is constantly evolving.
Added November 6th, 2010 - Updated April 21st, 2013

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