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I would like to share my Hi-ROF and low maintenance set up. I have a King Arms M4 CQB. Gearbox is completely rebuild. 3 years in service and going strong.

380fps with .2's
25-27 bb's per second on 11.1v 1200mah 12c
28-31 bb's per second on 11.1v 1800mah 15c

King Arms Ver.2 8mm gearbox
Kanzen 8mm bearing bushing
Prometheus M110sp
Prometheus Hi-speed Gearset
Deepfire Full metal teeth piston - 2 teeth shaved to correct AOE and Swiss cheesed piston body
Systema Hi-speed M4 cylinder
14 gauge Silicone wire
Systema Magnum.

Sorbo pad in cylinder head
Prometheus POM piston head
Reinforced anti-reversal latch spring
Sector gear clip
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