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Default Set Up for Low Maintenance Hi ROF!

There has been a lot of discussions regarding Hi ROF, I have ventured to the extreme and have found out that the most playable low maintenace hi ROF set up is between 25-30 ROF, >30 be ready to spend a lot.......hehehehehehehe!

Set Up for 350FPS without too much modification
1. Minimum 7mm bearing GB
2. SP90 spring
3. piston head with bearing
4. shaved 2nd/3rd tooth of PB (swiss chess it if you want)
5. Spring guide with bearing
6. stock gears/hi speed gears.
7. hi speed motor (we prefer M120)
8. Power source of your choice (I normally use 9.6v 3300-3600 NiMh/ 11.1 lipoly 12C-15C.

You can easily attain this, measured using audio analysis!
27 spikes/sec. = 27bb's per second

I wish this could help!

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